Bonnells Towing Service

If you hit something on the side of the road and need a lift, or even need your vehicle picked up at your house for repair. Give us a call during business hours 8am-6pm M-F More »

Our Showrooom

Enjoy a first class experience and customer service here at Bonnells two locations. You can watch some TV, enjoy a nice cup of coffee, or even sit back and listen to the waterfall. More »

Painting Process

We stand behind our work 100 percent for quality and guaranteed color matching. More »

Paint Room

Here is where all the magic happens! Our paint color matching is guaranteed. More »

A look inside Bonnells

We have a clean environment so your car, truck, or SUV can have the dealer room feel as when you first bought it. We treat your vehicle as it was our own while it is at Bonnells. More »

You Deserve The Very Best!

Our technicians are certified to provide you with the highest quality repairs. More »


Your Car… Your Choice For Repairs

What is steering



Steering is when your insurance company directs you to a specific body shop they choose and away from the shop of you select!  It is a direct violation of the law for insurance companies to direct their clients to or away from specific auto body shops.  The choice is yours.  We make the choice clear – Bonnell’s Collision.

You Deserve The Very Best for post

Before and After Photos!

Check out our before and after photos!  These photos feature our color match guaranteed paint, glass replacement, and professional dent repair.  All of the repairs are performed by certified industry technicians and we also offer a lifetime warranty on all accident repairs.

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